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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion

Ah, my first blog. I am actually a little ashamed to say I am not an avid blog fan. The only ones I've ever read were linked to from someone's email or website. I've never sought them out. I don't have any bookmarked to see what new wit, wisdom, or gobbledygook some stranger is pounding out on the keyboard that day. In short, WTH do I have my own.

Truthfully? I *don't* know. I just don't. I just joined a new (to me) writing group, MomWriters ( and a number of the messages from other members included blog links this weekend. I was intrigued. I followed the link. I read their blogs...

In a way, blogging is a bit weird to me. So many of them are essentially personal journals published on the internet. How brave is that? I'd be terribly afraid I'd rant on about a neighbor driving me nuts, the 'evil' kid who teased my daughter at school, the moron teaching my new writing class, whatever, and a few days later the person in question would come up to me with a printout of my blog and want to know WTH my problem is. Trust me, with my luck & karma, this is EXACTLY how it would go.

So, I'm planning this blog to be a bit more professional, a bit of blatant self-promotion. I have recently hung out my shingle as a freelance business writer and virtual assistant. If you want to know what a VA is, check out; they have a great definition that I don't want to re-type. Obviously, if you write, people want to know what you've written. Well, now I can add blogging to my currently painfully thin list of credits and move on, and send them somewhere to get an idea of my style. Maybe. Still not sure I want to actually tell anyone I'm doing this!

That ought to be enough to get me started. Since this is only semi-professional, I can now admit I'm going to post this and go indulge in another guilty online pleasure, a rousing hour or so of 'City of Heroes'.

G'Night World - Wish me Luck (or at least a minimum of typos)

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