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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wouldn't You Know It

About 30 minutes after my post about the profile that's been stumping me I gave up and headed to bed, since it was pretty late (after 2am my time).

I was in bed for about 5 minutes, just stewing over how annoyed I was at myself for getting stuck on this piece. My mental exercise of late has been to just try to describe the business to my own satisfaction. What would my answer be if someone on the street walked up to me and asked about them? Just for kicks, and because I knew it'd probably put m e to sleep, I tried it again.

Eureka! It started to feel good, and by the time I had the second sentence completed in my head I was struggling into a robe & heading back to the computer. 20 minutes later it was done, edited, spell-checked, and emailed to my client. Yay!

Maybe I just needed to get the frustration out of my system, who knows?


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