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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

and Mistress of None...

Have you ever looked for royalty-free business cartoons on the internet that can be used commercially? I don't recommend it. It's a serious pain in the ass.

I love my newsletter client, and am thrilled they're sending me more work. That's the good part, I've gone from a small monthly article (130-200 words) to the article, plus editing the whole thing, and now, finally, to doing the whole thing.

Great, huh! More time I spend on it, the better I do since it's an hourly client who understands more doing means more time. The problem is I've never done the whole thing before. (Can you tell this is the first month of this new arrangement?)

So, now I am spending hours, unbillable hours since I just don't feel right charging for this, don't ask me why, scouring the web for clean, humorous business-related jokes and cartoons. Then I get to slip them into the html for the newsletter and pray they don't mess it up too bad since I don't know how to fix their template if I break it.

Jill of all newsletter elements... and mistress of none.


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