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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Progress: Not Much

Well... Discovered today how much fun my mom has been having all these years as I learned what a genetic propensity for migraines means in *my* life. Mostly that I was about as useless as I've ever been and I dunno what I'm gonna do when the leftover prescription motrin from my recent dental work runs out...

In the meantime, a headache today is no excuse for not having written on my project for two days. I just don't know what direction to move in, don't know WTH I'm doing. Maybe I'm not cut out for fiction? Hell, maybe I'm not cut out for writing? I can live with that, I like editing. At any rate, made myself do a little before my motrin wears off, so here I am now:

( ##============== )
5,862 / 50,000 : 11.7%

I had the cool pretty html meter up here, but, well, blogger kept cutting up the picture into little bits and I couldn't figure out why... Plus I remembered what happened to the other meter guy and thought I'd go the doesn't-need-anyone-else's-bandwidth-to-work route.

Just did the math. If I'm going to make 50K I need to do 2207 words/day from now on. And write earlier in the day since I'm getting most of mine done between 11p-2a, and after midnight my time NaNo considers to be the next day :-( . In my mind it's not the next day yet til I've gone to sleep!


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