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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stopping for Direction

Yes, direction. Not directionS.

I took two days off my NaNo writing this week. I got things done, though.

I answered some ads for writing/editing/proofing. I updated my website. I settled the whole copyright infringement thing. I got some invoicing done. Typed up and mailed the service agreement for a new client. So, not unproductive time, just not NaNo writing time.

Oh, yea, and I did some more reasearch. I know, I know, getting bogged down in the details...

All this research has finally helped figure out where I'm going. I get off a tangent sometimes, left totally to my own devices, but I've got a handle on it now. Sat down tonight after a day of research and reading and banged out 2 1/2% of that 50K in about an hour or so. It's not enough to get me caught up, but it's a definite improvement over my 200-word days.

In my defense it's also late and I'm tired. I should have sat down to write as soon as I got back from walking the dog, when it all coalesced (isn't that a fun word?) in my brain. But I had to get my LOST fix, I didn't watch it last night cuz of the headache. Bless Dish Network DVR :-)

Oh yea, the numbers:

( ##============== )
7,120 / 50,000 : 14.2%


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