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Friday, November 18, 2005

Totally OT

If you look in the bookbag to the right you'll see I'm (re-)reading HP5, Order of the Phoenix.

I was one of those Amazon pre-orders that HAD to have HP6 delivered to my door the day it was released, but, um, I actually still haven't read it, despite being the proud owner for over 4 months now.

I am a fan and I hate the wait between books--I much prefer to read series after they're completed so there isn't a wait-for-the-next-book delay. So, in order to savor each new HP, starting with book 5 I began making myself re-read all the preceding books in the series first. This serves as a refresher for me on what's going on, and drags out the process. This year I was aided by a friend who got me reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series a couple weeks before HP came out, and, well, see note above about reading a series.

I just finished Harry Potter 4 two days ago. I am a regular geek, not just a word geek, thus I am just now arriving home from a midnight showing of the Goblet of Fire movie.

No More Reading the Book Right Before the Movie For Me!

I am surprised by how disappointed I was, I don't generally have high hopes for movies of beloved books, even though they've done pretty well with HP...

I mean, yea, it was cool, the effects just keep getting better and better, and seeing the more kid-like side of these kids was nice (hard, since I'm in my 30s and still think feel like a teen myself). I just couldn't believe how much character was left out! So many seeds of things to come were left unplanted. If I saw that movie without reading the book I'd be seriously confused, particularly by the pivotal scene at the end where Harry escapes; the movie's explanation was essentially nonexistent.

It was still quite good, and yea, I very nearly cried when they offed a character and I will buy it; might even go see it again, but somehow I feel less than satisfied. Too many threads cut from the weave, I think, and some added that totally don't fit the pattern. It's almost 4am and I'm rambling, but I felt a need to share.


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