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Friday, December 16, 2005

Massive Update


I'm still a member. Still a member of my subgroup (for creative nonfiction writers) but since our moderator/leader left I dunno if that's gonna go anywhere anymore. Fortunately she went to The Writing Mother (hereafter TWM) splinter and reformed the CNF subgroup there, so now I'm a member of both.

The MW listowner, after lots of debate on various blogs, private emails to the listowner, and someone (apparently) feeding the listowner negative posts from the new TWM group, decided to cancel the whole fee thing, or at least backburner it for a while. I'm intrigued, since that particular group still has 1400+ members, but the most vocal 100 or so have left altogether or are members of both and the new one seems to be getting more of their attention. Hopefully this will mean a fresh new voice for MW, since some of the less active members who have stayed are coming out to play now that the group is unmoderated.

Both groups should be interesting, I just have to remember to go set all my groups to Digest since the email volume is killing me. I start reading email at 9am and don't finish til after 11am.

NANO 2005:

I never broke 10K words. I spent a lot of time kicking myself for this since I really did want to make it.

This is where the part of me that is a pure Virgo anal-retentive planning type kicks in. I signed up for NaNo on November 1st, just to try it since I've been hearing about it for years. I also signed up with no clear story in mind, having done no research, nothing but a bare bones beginning and nowhere to go from there. That might work for flash or shorts, but I think, for me, to do a novel-length project I need an outline and a plan (someone wanna buy me a clue?).

Then there's the issue that I don't think I have a fiction novel-length caliber idea, yet. Lots of bits and pieces floating 'round, but nothing that I think can be coherent for that long just yet. Fortunately I have 10 1/2 months to plan for the next NaNo ;-)

Yea, you're here, so you know I'm a blogger. Now, as of today, in fact, when the site went live I'm a paid blogger.

I'm one of two co-bloggers for's Safety topic area. You can check out my ranting about the trials and tribs of ornament hooks here.


After a bit of thought I've decided to drop my IVAA membership when I comes up for renewal in January 2006. They are a great organization, have some pretty good resources for their members, but aren't a good fit for me even though they do have a number of writers/editors as members.

Their focus is more support and admin. They have members who do practically everything, very diverse, but the core of the organization is off-site admin work and I don't want to do that. If I ever go back to doing someone else's typing/filing/writing without credit it's at least going to be someplace with benefits and paid time off.

I'm also trying to play down the virtual assistant angle. I don't want to completely drop it, yet, since my domain is is owned so I was trying to come up with a variant since I'd (A) already filed the DBA, and (B) love the name of my business. So, I'm investigating new domain variants and may be moving my site next year.

Wow. I thought I had more to update than that. I must be confusing my blogs now that I am (OMG how did it get this bad!?!??!) up to six of them. Ok, five since myspace ate my first post and annoyed me and I've flat refused to attempt to navigate their hideous site/interface since.

Anywho... Got three more blogs to update tonight so I'm outta here!


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