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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Anyone who writes does it because they love the written word, they love language and it's permutations, they have a vision or an idea to communicate. They do NOT write for the money (there's a reason writers are usually lumped into the "starving artist" category!).

I resigned from my paid blogging gig today.

My regular business is building up, slowly, but it is building, and what I was doing for them paid... Well, let's just say it was about a tenth my hourly rate. Each blog entry was taking 1-3 hours to be researched, written, proofed, edited, and to find links and royalty-free photos to go with. It was not sensible for me, as a business woman, to continue. The effort to reward inbalance was just too great.

So, I'm footloose, fancy-free, and available. Need a writer?