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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nice Work... of Fiction

Okay, so I stayed up too late last night and got too little done today in order to finish The DaVinci Code.

I liked it. It's sort of intellectual fantasy meets James Bond. It had the same weakness I saw in Angels and Demons (read that one last year, also from my dad, in prep for reading DVC), primarily that waaay too much happens in way too infinitesimally short a period of time.

Beyond that? Like I said, an enojyable bit of fiction. Honestly I don't see what the fuss was about. Many of the sources alluded to are real; not all, but if people really want to get upset, go check out the books in the bibliography first THEN form an opinion one way or another, or, better still, look it up from scratch for yourself! It's ~fiction~ not the manifesto of a new world order for goodness sake!

I try, ever so hard, to stay out of these things but now that I've read the book... Why do people get so upset about books that cast large religious institutions in the role of villain, or at least deceiver, never seem to get upset about all the books that are innacurate in ways that don't attack the church? Why is DaVinci Code bad but The Omen okay?

Ok, I'll stop now. I just don't understand how people get so bent ouf of shape about a novel; it's just a book! If you want to get upset about something ~real~ check out pictures of Mississippi or rural Louisiana after Katrina... SIX MONTHS after Katrina. That's something to be upset about.


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