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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Return from the Abyss

Two days after my last post my computer mysteriously failed :-(

It stayed down until Friday of last week. Yep, TWELVE DAYS spent accessing the web from the library or a friend's house.

Technically I imagine it's still down. I don't care, I got a shiny NEW puter that weights half what the old one did (I use a notebook). Didn't really need the expense, who does? But now I'm operational once more. Except my printer has to be re-loaded every time I un-dock, but I can live with that--for now.

Number of projects delayed: 3
Number of deadlines missed: 1
Number of jobs I ate the fee on to make up for the missed deadline: 1
Number of days spent trying to convince tech support I was not a moron: 9

An unsatisfctory couple weeks and now I'm working all kinds of craziness to try to get those three projects caught up, and I have to beg the person I missed a deadline on to throw me some more stuff now that I'm back online :-S Ain't technology grand?


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