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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At it Again!

It's that time again :-)

Well, technically it won't be that time until 2 weeks from 12:01am tomorrow, but you get my drift.

I figure that gives me two weeks to find a topic/plot for 2006.

***note to self - run to store & pick up Chris Baty's book tonight!***

Yea, I have no plot. I don't care!

I got so thoroughly stoked doing this last year--I remembered why I like to write, even though I basically have to open a vein over my keyboard, particularly for fiction--so Imma give it another go for 06. I'd ~love~ to make 50K words, but, as of now, I just wanna beat last year and break 10K.

***nother note to self: look for last year's NaNo stuff... did I even save any of that dreck?***


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