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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Apparently domain backordering is NOT enough. At least not when it isn't private. I paid GoDaddy happily to monitor this year, since it's current registration, unused for YEARS was set to expire 9/30/06. I did not make the info private.

The registrar, as far as I can tell, renewed it for another year ON THEIR OWN BEHALF. Most likely cuz they could see it was backordered. I checked with the current registrar. THEIR minimum bid to win a domain is $60! GD would let me do it for under $10 a year!

I would like to be "" it'd be a lot simpler, but I'll be dammed if I'll pay extra for it just because someone found out it was worth something to me. They can go blow - I'll stick with or may switch to some other variant, but Network Solutions LLC can blow it out their... well... I am digressing in an unprofessional manner and will stop.


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