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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why We Email

I mailed holiday cards to my clients last week, on the 5th. I went to check my mail on the 8th and was excited because my box was full.

Full of my client cards. The geniuses of the postal service sent them Back To Me.

I went to the clerk and complained. She patiently blacked out the machined barcode they had put on the front and back of each card (that directed delivery to me), re-cancelled the stamps, and apologized.

This past Tuesday they were back. Like the cat in the song, only, being the USPS, it took longer than the very next day.

Apparently the machine they use to sort the mail was reading my address from the label instead of the client's. I've been using these labels for a while now and this is the first (and second, technically) time this has happened.

I can understand the machine error, really, I can. I cannot understand why the human being stuffing them into my post office box failed to notice I was sending myself a lot of mail-twice.

See the old label for yourself - the new ones look just like it, but have my URL in place of the address and a small return address label in the strongly recommended upper left corner.

And the post office wonders why they lose money?

PS- No, the labels were not exactly like this. Below the line the client's name and address was printed in a much larger type (obscured on the scan, y'know), most with zip+4 info included. Long before I began using these labels for my business I used similar ones for my employers when I worked for other people and never had this happen. Thanks for the link, though, oh anonymous commenter.


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