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Monday, January 29, 2007

I may never wash dishes again.

Why? Because I usually do kitchen chores in the early morning while waiting for the almighty bean to bestow its nectar upon me (aka waiting for the coffee to brew). If I don't do the dishes and laundry then, I usually catch them later in the day when I go downstairs for a refill.

Of course, the latter was affecting my productivity since if I was downstairs doing chores I was ~not~ upstairs writing and editing and networking and filing and doing all those other self-employed kind of things.

No More!
Like my motivational note from Jay? I thought I was supposed to be sending those to her, not the other way around--not that I'm complaining, mind you.

I may never wash a dish or fold another pile another laundry again. I'm debating the necessity of ever going downstairs, but am fairly sure the school will call and be ugly to me if I don't go pick up Jay in the afternoons.

In the meantime, Imma work on emptying that full pot you see in the picture :-)

Oh! And if anyone should decide that they think I am just the awesomest, I always need pods for the Senseo ;-)

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