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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tax Time - Why I Use Who I Use

I was a devout TurboTax user for years. Until last year.

The version of TurboTax that would help me file my taxes as a self-employed business owner was $69.99 last year. The H&R Block TaxCut version that did the same was $39.99. I'm a small business, to me that is a BIG difference.

In all honesty, I see very little difference between the two. Both have gotten harder to navigate over the years (I used TC once in the 90s, too) as they add more bells, whistles, and video tutorials (am I the only person who hates those? I Do Not want my computer to start talking to me when I am doing my taxes!)

Of course, I have it easier than most since I am based in Texas, one of the few states left without a state income tax.

WHY did H&R win me for a customer?

Simple. On December 27th I went to check my mail and there, in my mailbox, ready to be cracked open and used, was a full version CD of this year's software, the one needed to file Schedule C taxes. Sure, I still have to pay for it to activate it, but I didn't have to go to the store and compare all the versions and talk myself out of Turbo Tax (it's more expensive, it must be better, right?). In this case, time is money; they saved my time, they get my money.

Just to amuse Candy over at OffAssist, who KNOWS how much I love numbers, yes, *I* do our taxes. Every year since 1995. The one year my husband did them I ended up reviewing them and it took me 4 days!



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