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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Ever have one of ~those~ days?

I am--after a couple of years of not knowing for sure if this is what I wanted to do or not, okay with it--a content and ghostwriter for small businesses & solo operators. I do web content, I do newsletters, I ghostwrite articles, I edit them pre-pub, stuff like that.

I do not know a SINGLE person who does what I do. Not one. The freelance editors group refers me to the copywriters, the copywriters laugh and tell me I probably undercharge, the writers who are also moms are all perplexed because I do not write (a) articles (b) book-length nonfiction or (c) fiction and don't seem to know what to do with me.

I had a simple question about structuring a proposal. I spent a day and a half finding the answer, checked, oh, 7+ Internet groups and websites (Writer's Digest, man, I subscribe and all, but you people are useless for my bread & butter!) and a dozen books before I finally found something close to what I was looking for.

IN the first book I checked yesterday. I was calling the form the wrong thing or I'd have found it Friday morning.

So, now I have work to do. All this fruitless searching has left me feeling like the kid still standing against the wall when kickball teams are chosen--I don't seem to belong anywhere.


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