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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Day Off

Sometimes we get a day or a few off, when we would rather not (like my recent hospital stay!), and can't take one when we wish we could.

Today, I got lucky. I (finally!) got completely caught up with the things that needed doing while I was in the hospital and the things that didn't get done the month before I went in while I was sick.

So, today I:

- chaperoned a fossil-hunting field trip with 48 kids 5-8
- had lunch with a good friend I don't see often because she lives a ways out of town (but relatively close to the field trip)
- went to the yarn store and picked out yarns for a gift project for my dad, who is retiring this year after teaching science for the past 24 years
- went to the library just to wander...
- got to be first in line to pick up my child after school!

By about 2pm I was jonesing to check my email, and by the time we got home I was ready to kick her out in the backyard and get some work done. Normally, especially on days I help out with her class, by 4pm I just want some Calgon. Today, I feel refreshed and rarin' to go!



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