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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Starving Artists

Writers qualify as starving artists. It's true!

And all thanks to people who think like the one who wrote this Craigslist ad:

Looking for freelance writers to write some articles.
If you require pay, what is your rate?

Are they serious? "If you require pay"?!?! I am easy-going, and, frankly undercharge for my services, but not quite THAT much.

If you do need a writer, and really, truly, cannot afford one, try to make it a little more appealing than the above.

And more honest than the one who emailed asking me to write for free because they cannot afford professional writing. I visited the site they wanted re-written. Their hourly rate is over 3x mine, yet they cannot afford professional services. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to work for free, a point that seems to be overlooked far too often.

Clips are nice, sure, but they don't pay the bills.



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