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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Capital "I"

Pet peeve alert! I've been reading a lot of websites lately in preparation for some interviews I'll be doing, and most of them are for virtual professionals. People who work primarily or exclusively on the Internet.

Yes, "I"nternet. It is a proper noun, folks, and begins with a capital letter. It boggles me that people are making the Internet the main source of their income and livelihood, yet they can't be bothered to learn the correct capitalization? Urgh.

Yes, it's petty of me be bugged by this, but I am. Maybe I'm just a spelling snob, but when I read the word 'internet' on a web professional's site, especially if they are a web copywriter or designer-the folks who really ought to know better, it just bugs me.

Oh, and for the record, the Internet and the World Wide Web are not the same thing though they are frequently used interchangeably. For more info on the difference, check out this tidbit on the I-nternet at

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