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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Digital Textbooks At Last!

Yes, it's just a trial, but still...

If you Google my name, and if you're thinking of doing business with me I always assume you have, one of the things that comes up is a comment I made on an article about e-books a few years ago.

Basically I was saying that the most logical application I could conceive of for e-books was textbooks. Anyone who has watched a junior high student load 30lbs of books on their back understands why e-books would be the ideal textbook. The older the student, the truer this is since the books only get heavier.

Now, if they would only make e-books cheaper*...

*A friend loaned me her Kindle to play with. LOVE having 40+ books in my hand at once and being able to carry them all around in something lighter than a paperback. HATE how much Amazon is charging for a downloaded file AND the fact that there is no way to borrow books, library-style, for these things. Otherwise I'd beg Santa for one. Right now, if I got it I'd just be annoyed that I was too cheap to put any books on it.

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