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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Na, Nooooooo!

It's October! The morning air is actually crispy and nice feeling for an hour or two before we go back to the Texas usual. The first cool mornings of autumn always make me happy. Then sad when the heat comes back for another 6-8 weeks, lol.

More importantly, October means that is open for the business for the new year in preparation for November which, as we should all know by now since this is my 4th year to blog it, is National Novel Writing Month. I'm signed up again this year, and, since the icon off to the right over there is a live update, it has even already reset for 2008.

Wish me luck? I've never tried NaNo while freelancing and holding down a full-time job; this, like the Chinese curse, is going to be interesting. This year I'm doing what I can only call literary fiction. It might be popular fiction, I'm a little unclear (as are many people, I think) on the line between the two. Guess I'll know in 2 months, right?

Oh, yes, and, speaking of freelancing... I am taking new projects again--strictly project work, mostly small stuff and no long-term commitments... After 6 weeks to adjust, mama is back in the writer's seat again - yee haw!

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